A little star!

Isn’t it good to do well?

Christmas seems to be approaching. My five year old lad has been picked to be Joseph in the School nativity. Of course I’ll be attending and I’m sure I’ll have a wee tear in my eye that day. He of course is now buzzing with the excitement (as if he wasn’t already) but this just might tip him over the edge… ‘How long is it to go to Christmas Dad?!?!?!?’ ‘Quite a while son.’ ‘Quite a while?!!? Och! That’ll take ages!’… Everything takes ages when you’re 5, right? Car journeys, tea-time, and homework. Everything.

All of us here at Engage Renfrewshire recently spent ages preparing for a visit from inspectors who may or may not have awarded us (stay tuned for the result!) our EFQM Certificate.   The EFQM Excellence Model is a management framework which sets out to drive continuous improvement. We spent ages preparing our documents and materials… just like you spend ages buying presents and wrapping them for Christmas… and then in a flash the inspection visit was over.

But we got our gift! We are now officially accredited as meeting the requirements of committed to excellence. And very pleased we are too. See here for details on the EFQM mark:


And although it was a long road – and it took ages – we can now sit back just like after a big Christmas dinner and put our feet up… Chance would be a fine thing…

The ROCCO awards took place last Friday. A great event and one of Engage Renfrewshire’s member organisations – The Star Project – won the Third Sector award! Superb. See here for photies:


You can read a little about The Star project in our latest bulletin alongside the other two shortlisted organisations – also members of Engage – RAMH & Accord.


All the best and good luck with your Crimbo preparations.



What’s that coming over the hill?…

Hopefully you’ll be aware of the Renfrewshire Community Planning Partnership initiative Street Stuff – if not check here for a wee report which covers the history and also where we are now:


The lovely thing about the Street Stuff programme is the commitment from the partners to a shared agenda. All of the partners can see the benefits to the young people who get involved in the programme – and I believe we all benefit too. Here at Engage we have seen a number of young people volunteer in the initiative – some of whom have moved on to employment within the programme itself. In the next year we will see Reid Kerr sports students volunteering their time within the activities and we also hope that the Council’s new volunteering strategy for their employees will bring some budding football savvy coaches our way.

In just three years since its inception, Street Stuff has already been recognised with a lengthy list of awards from various bodies around Scotland, showing the high esteem in which the project and its achievements are held. The roll of honour includes:

  • Safer Communities Award 2010
  • Renfrewshire Quality Awards 2010
  • Surf Award for Best Practice in Community Regeneration 2010
  • Scottish Transport Award 2010
  • Housing and Property Services Employee Awards 2010
  • Clydesdale Bank Scottish Premier League Community initiative of year award winner 2010/2011
  • Clydesdale Bank Scottish Premier League Community initiative of year award winner 2011/2012

Rightly we should be pretty chuffed at this list but for me the true success is the partnership working – something that is easy to talk about but often difficult to do.

Chat soon!