Gab, Chat, Rabbit,…

There’s a lot of talk at the moment about the job that communications play in making sure that we have the best services we can get. Our recent Welfare Reform event held in Renfrew Town hall was a great example of why ‘it’s good to talk’.  In feedback from our members we discovered that while 19% felt they were not as informed regards Welfare Reform as they could be a whopping 81% are either well or very well informed. So we must be getting something right… Some photies of our event can be seen here:

The important thing is that we keep talking. Even though I’m lucky enough to attend a range of events and forums where I get to hear about a lot of the great work that’s on-going in Renfrewshire I’m always surprised by the stuff that I didn’t know about – and I know others that I work with throughout the partnership feel exactly the same. In a bid to make sure we spread the good word our Engage monthly bulletin now includes a roundup of local stories – maybe you’re in them – check here – second to last page…

And today it’s very sunny. Make sure you put the suncream on. If you take a lovely sunny day pic send it to us at

Speak to you all soon.