The First Pea Rattling Round The First Whistle…

Hope you’ve been enjoying the fine weather – but as I type this on Tuesday lunchtime the rain has just begun teeming doon… Grand weather for ducks as they say.

The new football season is almost upon us which in my opinion of course is a very, very good thing. While the Confederations Cup and the Women’s Euro Tournament has helped there’s nothing like gearing up for the return of Scottish League football to bring a smile to my face.  I always think that to be an Aberdeen supporter at this point in the season must be grand – ‘A’ for Aberdeen makes you top of the ‘top’ league before the whole thing kicks off… Of course after a few games who knows where my team will be. But like all naïve football fans – unsullied by results and disappointments from seasons past – I go into every new season hoping and expecting the best…while crossing-my fingers and clutching lucky white heather…

In football 3 points for a win and one for a draw is a simple measure of success – one that is pretty understandable to all. Measuring the impact of work within the community and volunteering sector isn’t always so easy and we’re therefore lucky in Scotland to have some of the best practitioners when it comes to understanding social value and social audit. Social impact measurement can be vital to your organisation when it comes to attracting contracts and funders. ‘Just Enterprise’ are running 1-day learning programmes in a range of venues across Scotland which will give an overview of social impact measurement methods and tools. Find out more here:

It’s worth noting that ‘OSCR’ – the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator – has issued important guidance that can help Renfrewshire charities communicate with their members and the public about next year’s independence referendum.

The guidance recognises that the outcome of the referendum could affect some charities and that it is legitimate for organisations to voice their views. The new guidance provides advice on how they can do this fairly and within the framework of charity law. 

The guidance, which has been put together in consultation with charities, explains the key issues that they must consider and provides examples of situations that they may encounter as the referendum approaches.

 To me this a very useful guidance document on an important subject that some charities may not be sure about. I would recommend it to anyone  who is involved in the governance of a registered charity.

The full guidance is available on the OSCR website –

All the best – to you and your team this season!