The Right Tag

It’s been an interesting few weeks since the last post. This week I’ve been in Edinburgh doing a session on community planning with the School for Social Entrepreneurs. Met some great folk who are delivering great services – a pleasure.

This week was also the launch of Renfrewshire’s Community Planning hashtag ‘#mpowren’.


This is Nicole & Douglas from Engage – Please use the hashtag it if you get the chance.

The rise of hashtags – a word or a phrase prefixed with the symbol # – as a way to link social media comments on one particular subject is very interesting and indeed useful – but getting the right hashtag can be difficult.

I was at a Single Outcome Agreement Conference a few weeks ago where the hashtag was ‘#SOA2013’. Single Outcome Agreement – SOA…

I was tweeting while at the conference and I noticed that ‘#SOA2013’ was also being used by fans of a TV show ‘Sons of Anarchy’ – a drama series about the lives of an outlaw motorcycle club. And while it is important that we all think radically in a bid to improve local services as part of delivering high quality community planning outcomes perhaps learning lessons from the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ is going a little too far…

All the best