I was working in the lab late one night…


When out buying pumpkins (yes I know I should have bought ‘neeps’ but the weans are still pretty small – next year they’ll be asked to bend all the spoons digging out a traditional lantern…) I noticed that this year you could buy not only a myriad of costumes and gloves for Halloween you could also buy skeleton socks… what else could I do? I bought some.

Today is the last day of October and next month brings the start of the Renfrewshire Community Planning Conferences 2013. These thematic event have been set up to give folk a chance to learn about Renfrewshire’s new community plan for 2013-2023 – our ambitions and plans to make our area an even better place to live in. It’s also a chance for partners to meet other organisations working for Renfrewshire and discuss how we achieve the goals we have agreed together.

We hope that many people will attend and contribute their views and ideas – get involved with other partners to turn community planning into action.

To book a place at a conference contact: chiefexec@renfrewshire.gov.uk or phone 0141 618 7353.

Five themes, five events

  • Children and young people – St Mirren Park, 14 November
  • Community Care, health and wellbeing – West College Scotland, Paisley, 15 November
  • Safer and Stronger, West College Scotland, Paisley, 18 November
  • Greener Renfrewshire, Anchor Mill, 25 November
  • Jobs and Economy, Kibble Campus, 27 November

And if you want to get involved in the community planning conversation on Twitter at #mpowren

I hope you get a tangerine and some nuts for dressing up. You look great by the way! And if you’re asked to ‘dae yir turn’ here’s a joke you could use…If you’re brave enough…

‘Knock Knock’

‘Who’s there?’


‘Falafel who?’

‘I falafel my bike and spilt all my sweeties…’ Boom Boom.

All the best