In Conference…

The latest round of community planning conferences are now underway in Renfrewshire. So far we have had over 160 attendees at two conferences – today Community Care, Health and Wellbeing and yesterday Children and Young People.

The commitment in the room – I’m typing as the conference is ongoing – is fantastic. There is a lot of passion and discussion. Interestingly in conversation a number of people have said the same thing – ‘I didn’t know that was happening…’ I suppose that suggests two things: on the negative side our communications have to improve to make sure everyone is aware of the services and events available; and on the positive side – there’s a lot going on!!

Making sense of communication strategies is always difficult. At the last two events I’ve been eulogising about the power of ‘Twitter’ so in that spirit if you’re talking Renfrewshire on-line please use #mpowren when you can… It may sound like the name of railway station in Wales but it is pretty memorable.

All the best