‘…Hampden Park…Broken Hearts and Super Saints…and everything else that 2013 could bring…’

Alright there? Reving up for the celebrations I hope…

It’s been a great year I have to say. I’m generally never that happy with ‘odd’ years (i.e. 07, 09, 11, 13 etc.) ‘cos in an odd year you don’t get a World Cup or a European Championship. So, the summer is long without football. However this one – even the soccer-less summer – has been grand.

So in review – where to start? Well St Mirren won the cup! And the new St. Mirren FC Trust is now operational! See here for more info: http://www.saintmirren.net/pages/?p=29316

With the cup...

We’ve had a few folk join us here at Engage which has been excellent. As well as Denise and Amy in Finance the CAVA team has grown –David, Gary, Bruce and Craig are all with us for a while. Up front in Admin, Nicole has been a very welcome addition to the team there.


In the aforementioned soccer-less summer Stuart & Alan also joined us on secondment from Renfrewshire Council. As I work closely with them both I can tell you first hand that the expertise and understanding they have brought to the company has been first class.  And Alan can’t half play the pipes…


We’ve had some interesting developments in the delivery front too. This year saw the (very) early stages of Renfrewshire’s Family Support Public Social Partnership and the Third Sector Getting It Right For Every Child Initiative.

The local community planning partners also launched the latest community plan. We had some great conferences and promoted our very own hashtag #mpowren – don’t forget to use it if you’re talking anything ‘partnership’ on the twitter-sphere…



Oh, and we got to put on our glad-rags a few times… Our own payroll service was shortlisted for an Alliance Award – see the video here:


…Street Stuff picked up yet another UK wide partnership award…down in Manchester this time…


…and a COSLA Award in St Andrews…


At the ROCCO’s – Renfrewshire’s Annual Chamber of Commerce extravaganza Our Place Our Families and No Substitute for Life were both shortlisted and ‘No Substitute…’ won an award…


302 ROCCO 2013

The ROCCO’s was a great night. And yours truly was mightily chuffed to be shortlisted for the ‘Business Leader of the Year’… There’s always next year!!

So yes there is always next year…But first the celebrations… Good wishes to you and yours for all the good times that are to come over the next few weeks.

Lang may yir lum reek!

All the best



Look to the stars and the trees…

Today is our in service type day. The day has been put together by the newly formed Well-being Committee who are focusing on trying to make sure that where possible health and development of staff are considered as important outcomes of the Company – which of course I’m sure everyone would agree with. Stephen Dock opened up the day by noting that well-being is also about taking time to look around, take a breath and consider nature… A nice way to start the day in my opinion.

The day is also providing us (I’m writing this as it happens folks!) with a chance to review the successes and direction of the company. For example at the moment Jacqueline from the Finance Team is telling us about the payroll service that Engage supports – a service that was recently short listed for a national award. So I suppose we are celebrating our success but we are also trying to remind ourselves of the distance the company has travelled. There is also some new people who have joined the company recently so we are using today to make sure everyone has a grasp of the company’s aims and infrastructure.

We’ve moved on to Alan Bradford telling us about the new community planning website which is still being beta tested at the moment – I’m new to the idea of beta testing but in my mind it’s basically trying to break the website. So far so good – nobody has broke it.

And just as I typed Alan has a problem logging into the social media timeline on the new site… Kiss of death me by the way…

Alan’s explaining now about the AA rating that we hope to achieve for the new site. The AA rating is important to us – we want the site to be as accessible as possible to everyone who may use it. It will be pretty hard to pull off – but that’s what we’re aiming for.

We’re heading towards lunchtime and unfortunately for everyone I’m talking in the after noon for 30 mins or so… After lunch… Folk will be sleeping. If not before then certainly during….