Here’s Tae Us!

A wee toast…

And so the Festive period has come and gone and we’re heading to the first big Scottish Celebration of the New Year – Burns night! Of course it’s actually the second big celebration of the year as yours truly was at the ‘Loony Dook’ this year. There’s a nice piece on the ‘Dook’ in Third Force News

Burns Night is something I always try to celebrate – more so now as my son is learning a number of Scots poems and is keen to recite them. So we get the haggis served up and get intae it! I know that everyone will have their own view but I like to consider Burns as someone who promoted social change – someone who viewed everyone as equal…

That Man to Man, the world o’er, Shall brothers be for a’ that.’

Perhaps Burns saw himself as citizen of the world.

Our world in terms of the ability to communicate is certainly very different from the world that Burns would have known. More and more of us are now interacting digitally and ideas around ‘digital citizenship’ which encourages appropriate online behaviour are starting to emerge.

Like any new ways of working, online communications will present barriers to some potential users and it’s of course important to remain safe and think things through as you start to engage. A good starting place for information on using the net for communications is an impartial website that helps individuals, families and businesses get the most out of the internet. It is funded by Nominet – the not-for-profit organisation responsible for the smooth and secure running of the UK internet infrastructure – as part of its commitment to making the internet a more trusted space for everyone who uses it.

Burns said in his poem to a wee (computer?) moose:

The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men, Gang aft agley

Which is lovely way of saying ‘By the way – even when you think you know what you’re doing – things can go wrong…’

So if in this New Year you’re hoping to get better connected or your just thinking of better ways to promote what you do to the people who use your services – have a good think through your strategy.

Enjoy your toast to the Bard!

All the best.