That’s what it’s all about…see…

I’m at the Town Hall in Paisley today for the first of the Paisley 2021 cultural weekends – February 20th & 21st – 2021 – see? – pretty clever. Fantastic morning and into the afternoon. Right now I’m participating in a workshop with local cultural champions – hearing some great stories relating to what people are achieving within the cultural sector and what opportunities the City of Culture bid may bring.

Jean Cameron, the bid Director has been making sure everyone gets to know everyone else…

Not that we need much encouragement – a lot of connecting going on. Jean has made sure that while its been a fun morning she has reminded us all that it’s a competition and we have a lot of work to do. Again no one seems to be shirking away from that – in fact at the table I’m at it’s being embraced. We’re talking now about what is world class about Paisley and Renfrewshire. Although there are great suggestions – manufacturing, fashion, buildings, – I can’t get away from the thought that it’s the people that are the fuel of the bid – a fact confirmed by the energy here today.

A lot of chat around the table regards the perceptions attached to Paisley – and we all agree  that collectively part of our repsonsibilities for driving the bid forward is to talk positively – something again that at my table at least hasn’t been a difficulty at all! 

Just about to listen to all of the feedback from the other tables – so I’ll finish – but it’s been a great start to a range of early local coversations on the bid. If you can get along to the next one it will be great to see and hear from you. Bring your dancing shoes – Jean’s keen on the dancin’!

All the best