Or maybe you’ll think that love will make us fools, And so it makes you wise to break the rules…


Here comes the sun…

As we move into May and proper Spring may be springing you may be thinking of making some lifestyle changes. Learn Spanish, cycle to Land’s End or eat more greens. Whatever you do, try to be less critical of yourself. Leave that to everyone else to do on your behalf

In the mid-90’s I was working as a Community Arts Officer in Ferguslie Park, Paisley. Part of the regeneration work in the area included the development of the Tannahill Centre which we were delighted to use as cultural facility as it lends itself very well to large community events. I was lucky in that there were a number of highly motivated community volunteers around and other skilled community officers working in the place. Together we put on some great events which we marketed in a range of ways with varying degrees of success.

I remember one event and the poster I designed for it very well. Elvis – ‘America has had 42 presidents…but only one King’ was the tag-line. In the middle of the poster was an image of the ‘Hillbilly Cat’ in all his pomp and below that we had all the info:

‘Elvis Night! Elvis Quiz, Elvis fancy dress competition, Elvis film Clips, Live Elvis Tribute band and local Elvis impersonators.

The King will be in the building – ALL NIGHT LONG!

Two quid a ticket.’

The 300 available tickets sold out fast. The King is very popular in Paisley and on the night it went great. Everyone had a blast. Women in huge crinoline dresses bopped and hopped with guys in ‘Fonzie’ leather jackets. Superb.

Anyway, right at the end of the night I noticed one of the local team making his way through the throng towards me.  This guy was good at telling you what he thought of any event – so I was bracing myself!

‘Alan’ he said ‘that was one of the best nights we ever had here. Have to hand it to you big man. You thought of everything. Fantastic!’ At this point my mouth was hanging open in shock but I managed to murmur a ‘Thank you. Thank you very much…’

‘If I could just make one point though?’ ‘Yes of course’ says I. He then hits me with the quote I’ll take to my grave… ‘It was a brilliant night…but there was too much Elvis…’

Voluntary Arts Festival

Voluntary Arts Festival takes place each May, in cities, towns and villages across the UK and Republic of Ireland. It’s a chance for people to get creative – share what they already do, or try something new for the first time. Creativity comes in many forms, from music and singing to visual art and craft, digital art and drama to cooking and gardening. However you choose to express yourself, you can take part in Voluntary Arts Festival from 5 – 14 May 2017.
For more information see here: https://www.voluntaryarts.org/festivalabout
Paisley 2021 – The Story So Far…
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Lunchtime Blues Bash for 2021

Paisley’s bid for City of Culture 2021 was submitted this week. There has been many highs throughout the last 15 months and, I wont lie, I found myself getting quite emotional looking at the ‘The Story So Far…’


And a very recent highlight has to be Paisley’s Baker Street saxophone event – the film is a treat! Just press the link here – 

So, if you’re out and about this bank holiday weekend, blow your horn for Paisley 2021!

All the best