I will return some day, So you can hear me say…

SAYIt was a great pleasure to be at the Scottish Album of the Year (SAY) Awards last night in – the second year the event has taken place in Paisley as part of highlighting the ‘Paisley 2021’ bid. It was a phenomenal night with a personal favourite being ‘The Spook School’ who were great live. I think the SAY Awards should take up residence in Paisley…

I like to do a bit of noodling on guitar from time, a habit picked up from my Father who was a fine chanter of country songs.  My Father was both a very intelligent and talented man. He was also a very practical man – much, much more than me. He was a time served Painter & Decorator and therefore had spent a lot of his life surrounded by craftsmen, engineers and the like. Although he could fix almost anything he sometimes, like most people, had a blind spot regards the correct solution… As a man who fixed his own car, he often had odd parts in the garage ‘just in case’. At one point he had steel belted radial tyre that wasn’t any good to anybody so he decided to put it to use by creating a small flower bed around one of the washing poles in the back garden. It was all the rage at one point – paint the tyre white or green, put it around one of the back garden washing poles, fill with soil and plants and Bob’s your uncle – you have yourself  a useful bedding planter for crocuses and what not.  Now, the question was how do you get the tyre around the pole? My Dad being a very practical person decided to saw a slit in the tyre so he could open it a little to place around the pole. So he set to work – sawing through a steel belt radial is no mean feat and he was sweating and struggling and not making much head way when my mother asked what he was up to. My Father explained – tyre – saw – pole…  ‘Oh, I see’ my Mother said ‘Well, why don’t you just take down the clothes rope and pop the tyre over the top of the pole?…’

#ourRenfrewshire – Renfrewshire Community Planning ConferencesFullSizeRender (5)

Have your say on the future of Renfrewshire on priorities and vision for the future of Renfrewshire. Each conference will have a full programme including speakers and an interactive workshop session.  For more information and to book your place just click here


Voluntary Arts Scotland ‘Putting the social into social media’

If you are 50+ and involved in a creative group or project you can register for Voluntary Arts Scotland’s new project, ‘Putting the social into social media’. All you have to do is tell the team where in Scotland you’re based, which group you’re involved with and what skills you would like to learn. The digital training sessions will take place at four locations across Scotland. If this training sounds useful, you can register your interest at  www.voluntaryarts.org/onedigital

So home time approaches and I must bid you all adieu – Tara.