Tall in this room overlooking the ocean Here are we, one magical movement…

Last week the judges who will decide which of the five shortlisted towns and cities will be named UK City of Culture 2021 came to Paisley. The judging panel, led by Chairman Phil Redmond, were given a tour of the town and they also visited a series of community groups and projects at the Tannahill Centre in Ferguslie Park.

The Tannahill Centre was – to put it politely – jumping. Acoustic guitarists, local sewing groups, and school folk sang out, made quilts and danced – sort of in that order – as the judges made their way through the vibrant, buzzing, community space. It was great to catch up with a number of folk on the day – some of whom I had worked with when I was a community artist and they had been children at the local schools. They were of course very happy to make me feel very old by pointing out their own children, who were now amongst the performers – all of whom were giving it ‘laldy’, singing their hearts out, just like their parents had done when they were kids.

Everyone there on the day representing the local communities did an amazing job of showing how much passion Paisley ‘Buddies’ have for their own culture, but they also demonstrated how excited the people of Paisley are about the opportunity of welcoming to their hometown other artists, cultural leaders and entertainers from across the UK and beyond.  For sure there were a lot of smiles, chat and energy in the Tannahill Centre on Tuesday – all of which I’m sure will not have been lost on the judges. Fingers crossed!

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All the best