Up in your arms, Too late to beg you…


After receiving some amazing ‘haun’knitted’ cards, I spent father’s day at ‘Museum of the Moon’ a new touring artwork by UK artist Luke Jerram. My children took me along knowing that I’m a sucker for all things ‘space’. The giant inflatable moon with detailed imagery of the moon’s surface is spectacular – and the detail of the surface (developed from high resolution pictures courtesy of NASA) is a visual treat. The installation includes a sound composition, which at times is drowned out by folk staring up and saying ‘Oooh!!’. I heartily recommend it, and seeing as its being hosted in the Mackintosh Church in Glasgow you get two treats for the price of one. For more information see here: http://museumofthemoon.com/

The Macintosh church is wonderful – truly worth a visit even when there’s no giant moon hanging in it. It’s a magnificent example of the artist’s unique architectural style. Of course this weekend was overshadowed by the devastation caused by fire to the legendary Macintosh school of art & the iconic ABC music venue. I personally have fond memories of both these buildings. For a long time I was a regular at the Arts School’s degree shows; taking young people I worked with to visit the Art School was always a highlight of my year. And the ABC is simply a great gig – big – but still intimate. I hope in time I’ll get a chance to go back through the doors of both.

Glasgow School of Art has been an active partner in Renfrewshire, over the last twelve months or so. Working in collaboration with Renfrewshire Council to create Scotland’s first School of Creative Education, GSA is supporting a development which will see a local high school benefit from the use of creative teaching methods across the general curriculum to improve pupil prospects. When I was a school pupil – a time ago of course – there was always two classes that I looked forward too – Art and Music. I’m sure that’s still the same for many.

Mental Health First Aid

Engage is hosting the Scottish Mental Health First Aid programme over two days in August. This course is designed for everyone – Most people don’t know what to do in a mental health crisis. Take the course and you will be one of the few who knows what to do and is confident about putting that knowledge into action. For more information click the link:


Speak soon – all the best


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