This’s the kinda place where no one cares what you’re livin’ for…


I was on holiday last week with my family – in the Yorkshire Dales in the sunshine. We had a brill time touring around seeing some of the sights including the wonderful village of Haworth where the Bronte Museum is…I could feel myself going all Kate Bush as I wandered around… We also got along to see the legendary Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls at the Trades Club in Hebden Bridge. The support act – Inland Taipan (full on guitar with feedback and loops) – were excellent. They explained that as they had been asked at the last minute to do the gig they didn’t have traditional merchandising like t-shirts and CDs available – but they did have handmade pots…I had to buy one of course…

We were based in the market town of Todmorden where the brilliant ‘Incredible Edibles’ initiative began. Incredible Edible Todmorden is a Community Benefit Society – ‘passionate people working together for a world where we all share responsibility for the future wellbeing of our planet and ourselves’. So who’s it for? There is actually a difficult test to meet should you wish to be a member – ‘If you eat you’re in’. The group grow fruit, herbs and vegetables around Todmorden that are for everyone to share. They also run a wide range of events that help strengthen the local community. ‘Incredible Edibles’ has spread across the UK – a simple idea but with a great impact for local people.

As I say we were very lucky to see all of this countryside in wonderful sunshine – many local people reminded of us that it sometimes rains here too! – but the community fruit trees, berry bushes and herbs of Todmorden made for a great background for our walks back from the pub…  To learn more about Incredible Edibles see here:

There’s also a Ted talk from a few years ago that’s worth a watch:


AUGUST 09, 2018 AT 10AM – 2PM

Working together, Community Development Alliance Scotland, The Scottish Community Development Centre and the Poverty Alliance invite you to join them to discuss how you and your organisation can ensure that everyone we work for is heard, and has had an opportunity to share their ideas on how local democracy could change. Join them for the morning, chat to them over lunch and learn how you can help others have their voice and make a difference. Register for the event here:

Speak soon – keep on growing!