The Ball Is Round…

Good afternoon folks…

I love football. There I’ve said it. The cat’s out the bag. I love football.

I was delighted to be at Hampden recently to see the mighty Saints win the League Cup. Hopefully you were there too. It was great, it really was…

Last night the second semi-final of the Champions League was completed and with two German football teams in the forthcoming Champions League Final at Wembley it made me think…

The top football clubs in Germany’s Bundesliga operate under a model of ownership which is governed by a ‘50+1’ rule whereby a minimum of 51% of the club must be owned by club members. This still allows for considerable opportunities for private business to invest. A Bundesliga club board is made up of delegates selected by the shareholders providing the membership associations with an influence on the stewardship of the club. In 1993 the German Football Federation when considering issues such as hooliganism in football stated:

“Football, being a people’s sport, should not banish the socially disadvantaged from its stadia, and it should not place its social function in doubt.”

This statement of intent still appears to hold true – Borussia Dortmund one of those German teams ready to battle out this year’s final sell their cheapest season ticket for around £148. At Chelsea Football Club which competes in the English Premier League the cheapest season ticket is around £750.

For many the local football club is a local community anchor. The team and the football stadium evoke a sense of cultural resonance and a cultural attachment which has often been developed through family ties. It is certainly where some individuals seek and receive a sense of well-being. In the UK we have seen the rise of Supporters Trusts – democratic, not-for-profit organisations of supporters, committed to strengthening the voice for supporters in the decision making process at a club, and strengthening the links between the club and the community it serves. Some clubs are taking formal steps as businesses to both safeguard their assets and the future of their club by also committing to the community by creating better more accessible community required services.
St Mirren FC League Cup winners and working in partnership as community delivery specialists!
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