Big Meetings & Fresh Veg…


Last night was our AGM – and it was a fantastic event if you don’t mind me saying! Between the funders event and the meeting itself we had over 130 attendees – so if you were one of them – thank you!!

On the night we had three brilliant presentations from groups. Representatives of the ‘Our Place Our Families’ initiative, Johnstone Sports Complex and ‘No Substitute for Life’ did themselves proud! Incredible community action – in action!

AGM’s can be very formal affairs but there was a fair bit of humour doing the rounds… My favourite on the night was by Iain of the Johnstone group. In response to discussing community training that he had been involved with at Engage he said ‘I’ve been on more courses than Jack Nicklaus…’


This week Jim Sheridan MP came into see us at the Engage Offices. We were delighted to welcome Jim and he was encouraged by our works – particularly our project in the Renfrew West area under the ‘Our Place’ banner. Karen Miller our officer working in the Renfrew area also met with Jim and we hope to keep him up to speed with all the new community developments in the area.

Jim Sheridan

So its Friday again. A quiet weekend for me I hope. This week has been great. Not only did our AGM go better than expected I also picked up a couple of fresh lettuces from the excellent ‘Fork to Fork’ project (thanks Martha!).,+performance+and+statistics/news+-+release+archive/ce-news-forktoforkproject

Here’s my lunch:


These are the salad days – All the best