Whatever happened to my Transylvania twist?…

Warlocks and witches in a dance;
Nae cotillion brent-new frae France,
But hornpipes, jigs strathspeys, and reels,
Put life and mettle in their heels.
A winnock-bunker in the east,
There sat auld Nick, in shape o’ beast
(Tam o’ Shanter)

1 tam

Aye Halloween is upon us and the weans will soon be roon’ lookin’ fir dookin’…. My weans were away this morning dressed up as a Vampire and a Witch. They’ll be back later with bags of squidgy eyeballs, sour spiders and other assorted edible ‘nasties’ but ‘tasties’. And I’m sure they’ll be happy that their father nicks a few when they’re not looking. In honour of this day I’m wearing my rather glamorous skeleton socks and a matching scarf – so if you agree that this qualifies me as being dressed up feel free to send me some monkey nuts in the post…

The first-ever Paisley Halloween Festival takes place tonight – see here for more details:



We’ll be holding a Social Enterprise Conference at the Abercorn Conference Centre in Paisley on 11th December 2014. ‘Social Enterprise, Partnerships, and Cooperatives’ will be an event that focuses on the benefits social enterprise can bring to Renfrewshire’s communities – and beyond! Tickets will be limited – let us know if you’re interested without delay. Full details coming soon!!
Contact: info@engagerenfrewshire.com or call 0141 887 7707 and ask for Douglas.

I thought this was an interesting article which looks at tips for a disability-friendly Halloween:


The Big Lottery Fund started work to develop their new Strategic Framework earlier this year. This framework will set out the sort of organisation they aspire to be, and how they will operate in the five year period from 2015 to 2020. See here for more details:


Okay. With that I’m away to drink blood and chew some bones… Well… have a glug of red wine and a few marshmallows…

All the best



All the leaves are brown…

The lazy mist hangs from the brow of the hill,
Concealing the course of the dark-winding rill;
How languid the scenes, late so sprightly, appear!
As Autumn to Winter resigns the pale year.
(From: ‘The Fall Of The Lea’ by Robert Burns)

I was concerned last month by the passing of time ( http://bit.ly/1vmaJVJ ) and it only feels that in last few days that autumn has suddenly arrived. We’ve been lucky lately with the weather and as the temperatures start to drop I always find myself in a mellow state of mind. I love the autumn colours and the light at this time of year. Long walks and long coats are the order of the day. The leaves from the trees all appear to have fallen at the one time this year – regards falling leaves I’m with Lucy Van Pelt from the ‘Peanuts’ cartoon on that issue…

Charlie Brown: Do falling leaves make you sad?
Lucy van Pelt: Absolutely not. If they want to fall, I’d say “Let ‘er fall.” In fact, falling leaves are a very good sign. It’s when you see them jumping back onto the trees that you’re in trouble.

This month we are involved in an exciting event ‘Your Home, Your Street, Our Community’ – Public services from across Renfrewshire are joining up to show how we can all work together to make our area safer, stronger and greener. At the event, you can walk through a mock-up of a typical home, street and business community. On the way, you’ll meet advisers who can talk to you about the help and support available. Drop in at anytime between 12pm and 6pm.

Police Scotland, who will be represented at the ‘Your Home, Your Street, Our Community’ event are looking for nominations for their Renfrewshire and Inverclyde Recognition awards from the public. These awards alongside police officers themselves will also celebrate local people and local groups who have made a real difference and improved the quality of life in their communities. Nominations are required to be sent in writing to Inspector Jane Harley at Paisley Police Office, Mill Street by Friday 24th October 2014. See link below for more details:

I’m lucky in my job that I get to see some great community engagement and community businesses in other areas of Scotland as well as Renfrewshire. In Alloa there is an organisation called ‘Resonate’ http://www.resonatetogether.co.uk/index.html who are doing some exciting work. Resonate are hosting in their gallery space the Alloa International 2014 art show which features local and international artists work. The exhibition will launch on the 10th November and I’m sure it will be fantastic. I fully expect that all of the the artists involved in the exhibition will be as inspired as I am by the colours of autumn here in Scotland… with that I’m away to get my drawing paper and coloured pencils oot…

All the best