And maybe we’ll come back… To earth, who can tell?

Still a lot of rain around eh? Nearly June – summers on the way…

All excited about the Scottish cup Final? Probably not if your team’s not in it but I’m always fairly happy when it’s two relatively equally matched teams and there’s a chance of a good open game. Although I’m not a Dundee United or a Motherwell Fan, I was at Hampden courtesy of an invite/spare ticket that day in 1991 to witness a classic match. Was this the first “family final”? – (the managers of both clubs were brothers, Tommy McLean and Jim McLean) – who knows, but it was a memorable game with both sides seemingly having the match won before Motherwell scored their final goal in extra time to make it 4-3 and to claim the trophy. This ‘family final’ tag is now trotted out whenever a ‘big’ team doesn’t make the final and sometimes it seems like the media use it in what could almost be a derogatory manner. What’s wrong with a ‘family final’? For me a cup final should be a day of coloured wigs, cakes in local bakers in team colours, fancy dress and families attending together – a day of celebration even if you’re on the losing side (which my team has been a number to times!). So I say ‘C’mon the Thistle/Bairns! – may the team who has taken the trophy around the most local schools win!!’

And try not to break the Cup… ‘Replica Scottish Cup damaged in Inverness’:

Tomorrow our event ‘Tackling Poverty in Renfrewshire: An Event for Third Sector Organisations’ takes place at the Abercorn Conference Centre, Paisley (9am-1pm). It will be an opportunity for local organisations to look at the document produced by Renfrewshire’s Tackling Poverty Commission which was set up to assess the nature, causes and impact of child poverty in Renfrewshire, and make recommendations for the introduction of a strategic approach for the Community Planning Partnership. Cllr Mike Holmes, the Chair of the Renfrewshire Tackling Poverty Commission will lead off on the day and we’ll also be hearing from members of the Star Project and from new initiatives for the Renfrewshire area including work by Shelter Scotland. We’ll be tweeting from the event – #RenPoverty – if you can’t attend and are looking for updates. Full agenda for the can be found here:

All the best