I’d have the world around, To see just whatever happens…

In 1981 the brilliant Kraftwerk included the song ‘Computer Love’ on their ‘Computer World’ album. The song includes the line (translated from German) ‘Stare at the (TV) screen, I don’t know what to do…’ On Saturday I went along to celebrate my eldest brother’s birthday – a milestone one, by the way – and he was suggesting that while he was delighted with the new android tablet he had received as a gift other than switching it on he wasn’t that sure what else to do with it… he did note that his grandaughter (who is 5) would help him…Even in 1981, Kraftwerk new that the world around us was changing profoundly and that digital networks would impact on the way that people work, live and play.

There is a stereotypical view that older people are not interested in new technology or that they are not able to ‘catch up’ but there is in fact a growing awareness among all sections of the community around the benefits and importance of digital engagement. Locally therefore we need to remain committed to digital participation and inclusion – with the needs of local people at the core.

A week ago we had our first Renfrewshire One Digital Event at Johnstone Town Hall. Presentations from David Amos, Head of Policy and Commissioning from Renfrewshire Council, Maddie Stark, One Digital Development Officer from SCVO Digital and Darran Gillan, Youth Work Manager from Paisley YMCA were warmly received by the 50 delegates in attendance.

A presentation on the value of Social Media to local organisations – ‘One Digital in Action’ – by Volunteers (Billy Pollock and Zoe Rice) from the ‘Environmental Training Team’ demonstrated how digital engagement can quickly become a key resource for local people.

John Turley, Development Manager at SITE Scotland (http://www.sitescotland.org/) gave a wide demonstration using tools and aids that described brilliantly why those managing digital support mechanisms need to work to remove barriers, create solutions and expand possibilities so people with sight loss can achieve their full digital potential.

A successful event I would suggest – check out Beth Murphy’s (@Betty_Murphy) Storify which covers the day here: https://storify.com/Betty_Murphy/one-digital-and-digiren?utm_campaign=website&utm_source=email&utm_medium=email


Maddie @StarkMadelaine from SCVO ‘Backing the Bid’ #Paisley2021 by wearing the badge!

Paisley 2021  

As always the Team at STAR have been busy backing the ‘Paisley 2021’ bid – in fact this week saw the PREMIERE! of their ‘Back The Bid Vid!‘.. If you feel inspired please share your ‘Back the Bid Vid!’ on all platforms using #Paisley2021 .

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