I look at the floor and I see it needs sweeping

guitarThis week has been a bit of a blur. And that’s not a great thing at all. I do try to smell the roses. Honest. Nearly the weekend – time to have a little strum on the guitar…

This morning I was given the opportunity as part of #TeamRenfrewshire to speak at the COSLA Convention at Paisley Town Hall. Alongside colleagues from the local authority and Renfrewshire Leisure I was presenting on the impact of the regeneration approaches in Paisley & beyond. Alasdair from the council spoke about Regeneration in the Renfrewshire context – recent achievements; future plans and lessons learned to date. Morag from Renfrewshire Leisure spoke about the cultural infrastructure and the exciting changes planned for the museum, libraries and our other wonderful public assets. I was covering community engagement and why if it you make it meaningful it can truly deliver. I think the three of us did okay and I was pleased to be given the chance to champion our approaches. The other speakers were great – including members of the youth parliament who presented information on their work and how they hoped to help local services improve. Overall I came away thinking that there is a lot of passion for high quality local public sector delivery in Scotland and the work that happens in partnership with the third sector is well recognised and respected. A good day – if you want to know more check twitter – #coslapaisley2018

The Lobbying Act

The new Lobbying Act came into place on 12 March 2018. Attached below are links to the Scottish Government Guidance, including a 5 step fact sheet – hope you find them useful.



All the best